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myotek-50mm-led-foglampss-Myotek has won a quality plaudit from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The LED vehicle lighting supplier, headquartered in California with manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, were praised by the automaker for outstanding quality performance in the 2014 calendar year. FCA’s criteria for the award include quality and warranty scores of 100% for all twelve months of the year. No quality problems requiring 3rd-party containment, vehicle sale holds or parts sourcing holds, and compliance with TS-16949 certification requirements.

As previously reported in DVN (DrivingVisionNews.com) , Myotek supplied a 50mm LED front foglamp with global approval, high performance and low power consumption. The LED fog lamp is used on a variety of FCA vehicles including select models of Jeep, Dodge and Ram.

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