new myotek staffMyotek is pleased to introduce Sean Godinez to the Myotek Team as our new R&D Engineer!  Sean is quickly digging in to his new role.  Sean has a BS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and he interned at NASA, JPL & Swift Engineering before joining Myotek.  Outside of work, he likes to keep busy with a ground up restoration of his ’69 Impala.

After demonstrating nearly two years of stellar performance, Stephanie Hoffer has earned the role of Senior R&D Engineer! She continues to elevate our prototyping, simulating and analytical capabilities. Meanwhile she is also proving to be an effective teacher, as she is busy introducing and training Sean.

We also have a new Design Engineer (Adam Kus) who will be reporting for duty on April 18th.  Adam has Automotive lighting design experience from his past work at Stanley.  He and his wife Heather are relocating from Charleston, SC to Irvine.

For more information about Myotek or our Orange County, CA. Tech Center, contact us today at or visit us online at

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